On the Shelf

Process shots:

Mixing porcelain and a dark red sculpture body in this
wall tile. Hope they play nicely together in the firing!

New cone 6 ware, waiting for another coat of glaze
and a refire at cone 04.

New red stoneware pieces and a porcelain-stoneware
combination experiment loaded into the small electric kiln.


Impromptu wall installation of bisque wall pieces.


Wall piece, perfectly sized to dangle above the shelf.
I love the shafts of light peeking through the upper shelves.
Makes the right side of the piece look hand-like.



Terra cotta appears for the first time on my shelf!


A group from the ‘flock’ series waiting to fly into the kiln.

Greenware drying in preparation for the bisque kiln.


My shelf, far left, with cone packs in the foreground.


Unsuccessful pieces. Smashed. Awaiting new life as mosaic.


Inspiration with drumsticks (Zildjian makes the best tools).


Waiting for the glaze firing.


Greenware in process. What did ceramic artists use before foam and dry-cleaner plastic? Recycle these at your local clay studio.


Glazing in process.


Bisque, waiting for glaze inspiration.

3 Responses to “On the Shelf”

  1. littlepucca Says:

    I got one of the birds!!!!

    I love my little bird so much.

    thank you little Debra.

  2. Josefina Flello Martinez Says:

    Wow! How did you get beautiful shape for your ‘flock’ collection!? Im in love with them!

    • fleuryblue Says:

      Hiello. Thank you. I start with a hollow form and shape it by paddling the form. Fine adjustments are made using a metal rib.

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