Glass firing.

Bisque ware with fully fired porcelain inlay and glass — before . . .

Debra Fleury - glass firing


Fully glazed and fired porcelain form with glass — before . . .


This was a very fun experiment, but I spent a sleepless night hoping that I wasn’t going to have to buy a new kiln for Mudflat because my glass melted all over the place. Some did escape, but I fired on trays with sand in them. Whew!

: debra :


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2 Responses to “Glass firing.”

  1. Rahlene Weeden Says:

    Hi there! I really admire your work and am highly appreciative of your willingness to share your process.
    I have worked with glass before myself and want to do more but will be using a shared kiln also this next time around so I want to do everything I can to be respectful of that. I am curious about the particulars of using the sand trays that you mentioned as a protective against getting glass on kiln shelves.
    If you could fill me in on the details that would be wonderful!
    Thanks and keep up the good work:)

    • fleuryblue Says:

      Hey Rahlene. A glass firing, how exciting! I made some unlovely clay trays with coil lips that I use for the pieces I am most unsure about. I use these in combination with little piles of grog that I set the pieces on. For smaller bits of glass or more stable pieces I may not use the trays, but I always set the piece on a pile of grog or a bit of broken kiln shelf to catch any unexpected drips. The grog is not completely necessary in combination with the trays if the edges are sealed. I use it because many of my pieces don’t have a flat bottom and I want to control the angle at which the glass melts, as well as to ensure that the piece does not roll during the firing.

      I applaud your thoughtfulness about the shared kiln. Even though I try to be as careful as possible, it is usually a sleepless night until I can open the kiln and be sure nothing has gone wrong. It hasn’t happened yet, thankfully.

      Best of luck!

      : Debra :

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