Climbing Form

I’m sending out a big, ‘THANK YOU!’ to Mudflat Studio in Somerville for choosing me as their 2009-2010 Artist in Residence. I’ll be the 12th in the history of the studio. The other 11 former Artists in Residence are:

2008-2009 Deborah Schwartzkopf
2007-2008 Cathy Lu
2006-2007 Nicole Peters
2005-2006 Ryan Takaba
2004-2005 Angela Cunningham
2003-2004 Monica Ripley
2002-2003 Gabriel Penfield
2001-2002 Meghan Sullivan
2000-2001 Ruchika Madan
1999-2000 Karsten Kunert
1998-1999 Randy Fein

This is a very special opportunity to work in a private studio, surrounded by other amazing Mudflat artists and faculty. I’m looking forward to working in collaboration with many of them. Wahoo!

: debra :


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    Thanks, Dustbowl!

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