Fresh out of the kiln

Shrouded – Porcelain and black clay. 8″H x 5″W x 4″D

Bird in a gilded cage – Porcelain, black clay, and wire. 12.5″H x 11″W x 12″D

Rise – Porcelain, black clay, and wire. 8″H x 25″W x 4″D

Unbound – Porcelain, black clay, and wire. 8″H x 5″W x 4″D

Untitled (detail) – Clay and underglaze. 8″H x 5″W x 4″D

: debra :

Works in progress

Here’s a glimpse into some of the new figurative work I’m exploring. The first is a paper clay form. Here it is in the sculpting stage:

Here it is, brushed with underglaze and ready to be loaded into the gas kiln for the final firing:

The second piece is stoneware with porcelain glazing and porcelain winged forms around the head. This one is still in the greenware stage. The wax circles on the cheeks allowed the stoneware to show through in those areas when I was applying the porcelain glazing.

Exploring figurative content is feeling rewarding and so challenging!

: debra :

Painting with clay

What Once Was Pure

12” L x 19” H x .75” D Porcelain, overfired black clay, Groggy Stoneware, underglaze: Reduction Fired, cone 11


15.5” L x 7.5” H x .75” D

Porcelain, Dark Stoneware, Light Stoneware, Slip, Oxide, Glaze: Multiple firings, Wood/Salt Fired and Reduction Fired to cone 11


28” L x 10” H x .75” D

Porcelain, Dark Stoneware, Groggy Stoneware: Reduction Fired, cone 11


13” L x 15” H x .75” D

Porcelain, Dark Stoneware, overfired black clay, Groggy Stoneware, pink slip: Reduction Fired, cone 11

KUJICHGULIA (self determination)

20.25” L x 8” H x .75” D

Porcelain, Dark Stoneware, Groggy Stoneware, Slips, Oxide: Multiple firings, Wood/Salt Fired and Reduction Fired to cone 11


20.25” L x 8” H x .75” D

Porcelain, Dark Stoneware, Groggy Stoneware, Oxide: Reduction Fired, cone 11

Mudflat Holiday Sale is this week.

The Mudflat Studio December sale is happening this week. Two floors of functional and sculptural clay objects. Stop by and check it out.

81 Broadway, Somerville
December 5–14, 2014

Sale hours:
Saturdays, December 6 & 13, 10 am – 6 pm
Sundays, December 7 & 14, 10 am – 6 pm
Monday through Friday, December 8–12, 10 am – 9 pm

Here’s a little preview from my studio:

red-barnacles-fx-croprock flowersrock flower2


Hope to see you there.

:  debra  :

Photos from the Anima Show

sun view

mudflat group

Attending from Mudflat Studio: (left to right) Melissa Bland, Jennifer DeAngelis, Eric Schwarzenbach, Angela Cunningham, Debra Fleury, Richard Freierman, Chloe Marr-Fuller, Zach Shaw, Lynn Gervens, and Noni Armony.fb



The show is up through August 11, 2013. Hours are monday-friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. at Charles Rose Architects, 155 Willow Ave, Somerville MA.

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Installation at Charles Rose Architects

Hello! This is an exciting time in the studio. I am working to finish a large group of clay objects that will be installed at Charles Rose Architects near Davis Square at the end of the month. The building has a clerestory running the length of the office and the pieces will be suspended in the air underneath.

This is the most ambitious project that I’ve taken on to date and I am learning so much every day. Each step I take pushes my boundaries as an artist and forces me to learn something new, or causes me to consider new resources. The biggest breakthrough has been asking for the support of my community of family, friends, students and other artists. I’m typically the self-reliant, John Wayne type of artist, but this project has forced me to think in new ways about what a community can bring to artistic expression.

The biggest surprise? Community brings SO MUCH. A group of individuals working together to make something inspirational results in something greater than the individual can achieve. My final result is not manifest, yet, but I see the signs. Something special is in the air for this project.

53 individual artists, family, friends, supporters, children and students made 9,520 of the individual ‘quill’ forms over two days. Here we are:

clay marathon

marathon big group

Here are some examples of the beautiful quill forms that we made together:

quills gettimg bisqued


It was such an honor to work with these forms and so inspiring to notice the myriad individual styles. Here are some of the forms going into the first of many, many kilns:


Here are some of the individual pieces, after the cone 6 reduction firing (melty and delicious!):







Here is a little hanging mockup that I constructed in my studio. The final installation will evolve on site at the architects office.


Please mark your calendar and attend the opening on May 11th at Charles Rose Architects in Somerville, MA to see how this all turns out.

I’ll be excited to see you there!

:  debra  :