Propagating wall forms.

: debra :

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4 Responses to “Propagating wall forms.”

  1. San Tate Says:

    I love these organic forms. How do you do this? Make a form and then take from it? They look as natural as pumice. Your work is truly inspirational.

  2. fleuryblue Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I start with a hollow form which I shape with my hands, using the trapped air as a resisting force. Then I use a wooden implement to pierce through the walls and remove the clay. Your reference to pumice is very interesting to me. I was not familiar with its qualities, so I just researched it a bit and see what you mean. Very intriguing!

    : debra :

  3. San Tate Says:

    Thanks debra; I’m a total novice, but loving it. Have considered using a small balloon to form a wall around, then build on/take away from to make seed-like forms. I can but ‘have a go’!

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